The first result of the primary weight loss has been achieved. Now there is much work to be done. It will form the figure, which I need for the summer photo shoot. It can be called “the body of my dreams” or the one about which one has even thought (as everyone says at the first class). It is unreal!!! Ahah, I love it. Well done, Olya, let us continuing following the plan.

Alexandra and Sergey

Finally, the results of our photo session with Alexandra and Sergey are ready.

That is what a visual result we got after only six months of regular training, following my author’s loads method and nutrition plan, and of course, the aspiration of the guys themselves.

As usual, during first 1.5 months, we had been working on putting in order and adapting the ligaments, muscles, and what is most importantly – the heart for the following more intensive pieces of training. An adorable and cheerful couple who knew what they wanted and that is it now!

I am delighted that they immediately agreed to the photo set, that is what their children will see-) I would like to wish development and courage to those who still doubt own appearance. There is no better motivation than wanting to look good and be the best for each other.

So, go in for sports, and your half will absolutely appreciate and support you!


Sveta is a great person and an excellent example for all women. She has always followed all my diets and attended training regularly. Stability is the key to success. Sveta is another example of how a person can change own body (and herself in general) beyond recognition for six months.

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Preparation of a beautiful girl to the All-Russian beauty contest – “Beauty of Russia.” I congratulate you on the victory! With our common triumph!! Well done! Alina is a perfect example of the fact that if a woman wants something, she will achieve the goal at any cost! I want to emphasize that, we had been working for only four months with Alina! What a wonderful result!

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Olya has made much effort to achieve the desired figure. For six months, we had been working with her using a very heavy program, but she coped. And I am very proud of such customers, with such a huge willpower. We can observe a significant drop in kilograms in a very short time, and a beautiful “dry” body with a concomitant body relief.

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The first stage of training with Meryem was aimed at tightening her body and removing the extra kilograms. The second stage was the creation of the body of her dream and making a proper body relief. Due to the conscientiousness and hard work of the customer, we achieved perfect results in a short period!!

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Andrey and I trained 3-4 times a week, and at the same time during 1.5 years, he missed perhaps 15 training sessions in general, taking into consideration the colds in the head and various seasonal troubles. Being always in a good mood and creative impulse, he just did everything that the trainer demanded of him, 100%, completely trusting me. Dry 20 kg and some sports nutrition accompanied our training, but like all my wards – food is the basis of everything! Moreover, a trainer can plan the diet, and the training process correctly and confidently varies them, depending on a particular period, not reaching overtraining and other influential factors.

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49 kg is a visible result. Moreover, it should be added that Sasha has significantly improved lung function, as well as cardiovascular system, joints and spinal column. All this is the result of a correctly selected nutrition system and highly developed foreign training techniques. It was a tremendous job, but together we perfectly coped with it.

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+25 kg for 1.5 years – it is a lot, I am not yet talking about strength indicators, which in some exercises increased in three times! Kostya always scrupulously followed the nutrition plan I developed, which eventually became the basis of our success and the result. Our training was quite unusual, as for standard training programs like “chest-biceps,” and “back-triceps.” Firstly, it looked extraordinary and unique, but a weighing-machine is a very stubborn thing, which always showed effectiveness. I cannot help noticing the wildly increased Kostya`s strength, for whom the Schwungs with a barbell and frontal squats about 20-25 times, have already become quite common exercises. I am happy for you!

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Lyosha is a great young man and one of my most undemanding customers, who always with a wild sense of optimism and a smile on his face, did everything I recommended to do, and of course, regarding a nutrition plan. We have achieved an excellent result in a short period, especially regarding some individual body parts. The whole process can be characterized in several words: easily, consistently, funny, methodically, and tasty
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